The Transformative team has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious and admired institutions. Browse our work by category.

Thought Leadership

Transformative’s team is in demand throughout the world for analysis and commentary about the issues that matter most. They can help hone your message and bring it to the attention of the audience you most covet.

American Transition (video)
Michael Moran looks into the future and questions whether the United States has the right strategy for maintaining its place as the world’s most dynamic power in the 21st century. View

Scott Malcomson on Charlie Rose (video)
Scott Malcomson tells Charlie Rose how the Internet is accelerating the forces that erode stability in the global economy and society. View

The Fastest Billion (book)
The Story Behind Africa’s Economic Revolution. If a picture is worth a thousands words, a book puts you on a whole new plane. This look at the investment environment in sub-Saharan Africa was co-authored by Michael Moran for Renaissance Capital and helped turn it into a staple of frontier finance. View

Trade as a Dirty Word (article)
Bill Holstein in Chief Executive magazine what CEOs must do to counter the Trump administration’s self-defeating line on free trade. View

The Politics of Corruption (article)
Michael Moran traces the rise of political upheaval as a result of the wave of corruption sweeping the Emerging Markets for Foreign Affairs magazine. View

Policy Analysis and Risk Forecasting

Consistently and in a timely and actionable manner, Transformative’s team provides forecasting and risk analysis of the world’s most important trends and events. Browse a selection of our work below:

Risks to Inbound FDI in North America (white paper)
Michael Moran – Hidden risk in North American Foreign Direct Investment View

The New Math of Manufacturing (white paper)
Bill Holstein looks at the revival of competitiveness in the US and other developed manufacturing powers and describes how governments and industry can feed and speed the trend. View

Business risks and global corruption (video)
The political fallout in Brazil, Argentina and from the “Panama Papers” highlights the connection between corruption and global stability, Michael Moran says, as elections from Iceland to Indonesia pivot on the issue. View

Trump’s First 100 Days (analysis)
The new US administration takes power on following the inauguration of President Donald Trump on January 20 will find itself enviably situation to press ahead with much of its political, economic and foreign policy agenda View

Digital Strategy and Web Design

The Transformative team has played a major role in bringing to market some of the most effective and innovative digital platforms of the past 15 years. Browse some of our work below:

Digital and Editorial Strategy
Leveraging CFR’s reputation in the news space took editorial savvy, product development and a strategy to break out of the think-tank category into news. Traffic triples in just under a year.

Multimedia Innovation

Ground breaking innovation in multimedia storytelling, the seven-part Crisis Guide series won three Emmy and many other awards and became the standard for online documentary work.

Advocacy and Urgency
A Critical Moment for Nuclear Security. View Turning deep intellectual property – in this case the nuclear security expertise of the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s grantees – into an accessible and powerful presentation.

Design and Product Development
Roubini Global Economics original website, RGE Monitor, was called by one customer ‘a vast, unweeded garden.’ After a full redesign led by the Transformative team, it was named ‘best economics website’ by BusinessWeek, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and the Economist.

Podcast initiatives

The Transformative team has played a major role in bringing some major names in media, corporate and academic sectors to the podcasting world. Browse some of our work below:

Foreign Affairs magazine
The first ever podcast by Foreign Affairs magazine, featuring the magazine’s Editor Gideon Rose and Transformative’s Michael Moran (2009). Listen

The Economist
Economist Executive Editor Daniel Franklin and Michael Moran launch the magazine’s first ever annual podcast, The World Next Year (2007). The Economist would go on to become a major player in the podcast space.Listen

Control Risks
Michael Moran launched the ‘RiskMap Podcast’ in 2014 and hosted it with Control Risks’ Chief of Research Charles Hecker for three years. It remains a staple of the global risk consultancy’s offering. Listen

Carnegie Corporation of New York
In 2016, Moran helped Carnegie Corporation of New York launch its podcast initiative, Diffusion, with a 12-part series on US-Russian relations. Listen