Transformative combines the policy and forecasting smarts of a major consultancy with the innovative, light-touch advice of a first-class digital strategy shop. They have been a pleasure to work with.
Robert Nolan
Director of Communications and Content Strategy, Carnegie Corporation of New York
Mike Moran was a great addition to the team at Rencap, bringing in new product, a flair for writing, and personal charm. He has broad contacts, a can-do approach, fresh ideas and drive. A pleasure to have worked with.
Charles Robertson
Chief Economist, Renaissance Capital
Moran is a sharp thinker and fine storyteller, and his book, The Reckoning, is a terrifically engaging read. America’s role in the world is a subject that demands clarity and nuance, and this book delivers both.
Ian Bremmer
Founder and Chairman, Eurasia Group
Michael’s talent as a journalist and writer is extraordinary, but more remarkable considering his ability to also just make things HAPPEN. Michael has repeatedly taken a fresh vision for a new type of content and turned it into a reality. He can run a complex project with multiple stakeholders, multiple contractors, and often conflicting constituents — and is able to bring the pieces together as master producer.
Lynda Hammes
COO ReD Associates, former Publisher, Foreign Affairs magazine
Not only Mike was instrumental for the successful redesign of our website, given his extensive media experience, but, in the role of executive editor, he built and led a terrific editorial team that greatly increased the editorial quality of RGE’s offering. Mike is also a top notch geopolitical expert and author, and great colleague to work with.
Christian Menegatti
Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officr, Windhaven Investment Management | Former Chief Economist, Roubini Global Economics
Mike is the type of leader any skilled professional dreams of having. He inspires you, he gives you freedom, and he pushes you to do the best work of your life. The impact he has on all those he manages and mentors is profound – one that is not easily found again.
Jeremy Sherlick
Director for Multimedia, Council on Foreign Relations